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Thu Mar 17, 2016 6:05 am

We are not using ITIL right now, but I developing a process for handling incidents and I was wondering if the following scenario is helped by using ITIL.

We are a SaaS company and our product is software. Our customers run our software on dedicated computers. Historically, our most severe incidents all end up being related to customer infrastructure, so the process for identifying and resolving the issue heavily involves people at the customer. This is difficult for our organization to handle, since it sits in between customer support (Helpdesk), technical team and our project manager that is responsible for the customer.

Will ITIL help us handle situations like this?

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Fri Mar 18, 2016 2:39 am


ITIL wont help you at all. Neither will PRINCE2. Neither will CoBIT or ISO20000, ISO 9001, ISO 27001 etc

As to why - it is because these are standards, frameworks, that provide guidance as how things should or must be done. However, the processes in place in your org need to use the above as guidance or source for the policies, processes, procedures.. etc.

That is what the above can do

ITIL is the framework / guidance for IT Service Management.

IT Service Management is what is done by service providers - inlcuding SaaS providers - for their service consumers (customers)

What you have done - ie develop a wave to handle incidents - is IT Service Management. Whether you wrote it in line with what ITIL recommends is immaterial. As long as it works for you.

In addition, you should be separating the Incident / Problem and the feature development into what it should be IT SM and SDLC - softwre development lifecycle

Here is how it is done where I am

a user raises fault ticket (incident) about a specific feature or capability of the application (SaaS or otherwise)
The ticket is assess by the Service Desk to determine where it should go to resolve (restore service) or automatic route that way - depending on how your IT SM tool works or is tracked

If the incident can be resolved - service restore - by the initial support without making any changes to the application then that is what should be done - this include training, user errors etc.

If the team determines that the incident's cause requires diagnosis - then a problem record should be raised in parallel to find the unknown root cause.

The incident and problem have different goals.

If the root cause is identified as a code issue, then the SDLC process needs to be invoked - whether it is Scrum, Agile, etc - this would be a Defect and then a software release needs to be built to fix this fault or a set of faults.
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