I don't know where to start

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Wed Dec 12, 2012 11:55 am

Hi Folks

This is my first post here so please be gentle with me.

As you should all know I run a very complex worldwide logistics operation.

Currently I don't use the ITIL service model but I think that's a mistake.

I need to move with the times. My organisation is complex, I need to consider my reindeers and Elves very carefully. They are the core of my operations team.

So where do I start? How can I improve my service delivery? I'm particularly troubled about how I keep an accurate customer datatbase and then more importantly how I identify the naughty people.

Following all the wet weather recently in the UK I have a particular problem contracting birds to clear moss from the roofs of houses. There is an 'elf and safety issue.

I look forward to you sharing your wisdom.

Thank you.

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Thu Dec 13, 2012 12:59 am

Dear Santa,
As you're not paying any taxes or tolls either, shouldn't you look into certain Sicilian organization for help? I'm pretty sure they will have all the answers for your problems, they seem to be running very similar outfit ;)
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