What is a service in a K-12 school?

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Hey folks. I've passed my foundation exam, and I am working through service design now. I love it, but I'm at a point where I need to concretely identify services in my business. Could you please help me here?

External customers for schools are students and parents. Internal
customers are teachers, professional support staff, and administrators.

The primary services K-12 schools provide to their external customers

mastery of a broad range of standards over a broad range of
disciplines at a developmentally appropriate level

appropriate social and emotional support as children proceed through
developmental stages

appropriate and supportive emotional connection and relationships
with teachers and professional staff

timely information about child's progress towards meeting standards,
including normative comparisons

timely information about child's progress through developmental
stages, including normative comparisons

timely formative and summative feedback related to mastery of
meeting standards

There are other services schools provide external customers like food
services, nursing services, after-school activities, etc, but the above
services are the big ones.

So if we look at the first major service schools offer, and try to find
some IT services we might try this:

mastery of a broad range of standards over a broad range of disciplines at a developmentally appropriate level

IT provides services to support students in mastering standards.
Most of the time, the services are discipline-based. For
example, IT provides tools and resources so students can learn,
practice, and work towards mastery of developmentally
appropriate mathematics skills. So that service is "tools and
resources to work towards mastery of a broad range of
standards". But is that a service or a tool?

The actual service IT provides is mostly supportive services, i.e. the computer, network , and access to software and web-based services.

I'm thinking about the TITL definition of a service:

A means of delivering value to customers by facilitating outcomes
customers want to achieve without the ownership of specific costs and

So the customer's outcome is that their child learns (shows mastery of
standards). IT provides a wide range of tools (hardware and software) to
support that goal.

Please help an ITIL newbie. Am I about right here?

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