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Hi - I was originally a network engineer, then I became a network architect, and then I became a quasi personnel-manager, warts and all.

I have been working in and around the IT industry for many years and have similarly had to work around ITIL infrastructures for nearly 10 years.

I have got by thus far through the application of common sense around ITIL requirements and frameworks, and haven't had to get too deep because my skill set was always far more dimensioned towards "blue sky" and "bull ****".

I manage a large number of people now, hundreds, of whom many are ITIL experts. And it's getting to the point that from service transition, governance and sustainability perspectives what they are talking about is completely dutch to me.

I am ideally hoping that there is a helicopter overview course I can take or a series of books I can buy because my gleeful ignorance is becoming somewhat of a joke now.

Can anyone provide any suggestions around how I could get a helicopter overview quickly, in relation to reading material and courses that would provide a complete but necessarily high level understanding of most topics?

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Check with the local country itSMF web site, there is usually a booklet that is sometimes free of charge about ITIL.

Otherwise it is about £6 or whatever in the local currency

There are of course the 5 ITIL Books which you can get from Amazon
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