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Mon Jul 07, 2014 11:38 am


We've finally got to the position of introducing a Service Desk system that can distinguish between incidents and requests! Hallelujah!

We're now trying to decide exactly how the process will work, so keen to gauge how other people do it.

My questions is, in the following scenario:

User calls the Service Desk, they have a faulty mobile phone, the keys aren't working. The technician logs an incident record. It turns out that a warranty replacement is required.

Would you create a separate service request ticket for the warranty replacement and link it to the original incident, or would you convert the incident to a request record?

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Sun Jul 13, 2014 7:09 am

What does YOUR incident management policy state

If it does not, fix that

There is no real standard or requirement

While ITIL now separates Incidents from Requests, the same function deals with it - service desk.

IMO, the call was an incident. The resolution was replace the phone under warranty.

So the resolution to clear the fault spawns other activity.

Question: If the user does not get the replacement phone in a timely manner, the user calls the manufacture ? the re-seller ? the shipping company ? Reception in their office ? The IT Director ?

or does the user call the Service Desk to complain that their incident is still OPEN and active as the resolution has not been executed in this case ?
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