Incident / Priority Prioritisation

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Mon Nov 30, 2015 6:39 am

Our company isn't officially ITIL however they do *try* and follow the guidelines where possible.

I have recently started reviewed all the processes in order to try and improve how we work. One process which is never used in the correct way is the priority of the issue. Its very much there to keep the clients happy.

From a service desk view it sort of works as the team are actually very good at working out which case needs to be done first. Unfortunately it falls down when we raise the case to our development team because they don't actually know which problem is urgent.

I proposed that we should provide development with a 'score' rating or at least a "high / Medium / low". However a lot of people think its should be the development manager's responsibility to prioritise his teams work and the service desk do not need to do anything else. I understand this some what as it will always be the development managers call - but shouldn't the service desk also share some responsibility of providing as much information as possible?

I just wanted to know from an ITIL perspective where the responsibility sits?

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