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Hello all,
I have lurked here a while a decided to join since ITIL will be a daily part of my life :) sorry it may be a lengthy post.

So here is the situation, I went to work as a Domain Administrator for a state agency 2 years ago. I am in the Domain Services team which has admin responsibilities for AD, SCCM, Exchange, GPO's so on.

Our boss came by one day and said we would be switching to an ITIL format. Then she was promptly out sick for the next 3 months. We still don't know what we are doing.

What has happened is we essentially had a 6 person team running daily operations, each of us could attack any issue/ticket/problem that came along (Tier 3 level). Under ITIL however we have been split in to "change" and "Ops" That left us with 2 operations personnel for over 8,000 clients, 2 change personnel, an ops manager... and one guy was left as an SCCM administrator.

All our responsibilities are muddied. No one can figure out who does what and of course we are slammed with work all day every day. We have read through the ITIL documentation but it seems no one can agree on what it means for daily work. We are getting no support from management on this, more of "just make it happen" kind of thing.

Right now, and I guess most pressing for the moment.... the SCCM administrator is saying that building new packages in System Center Configuration Manager is "ops" responsibility. It seems more like a "change" thing to me. Then once the software package is built Ops would maintain?

This is causing a ton of stress with the team, so any input would be greatly appreciated.

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