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First, I must mention that I have added identical posts in some other ITIL forums – just to hope to receive the best possible feedback 😊

I am collaborating with a company on my Master’s Thesis assignment. I am working on the task: “How should an internal IT-organization be designed to be best prepared for the future?”. Here I collaborate with company to relate the theory with “the real world”.

The assignment is high-level from the management perspective, so no details e.g. about specific processes. Of course, the task is broad and can be approached in many ways. Here is my approach and I would like to hear your feedback. Remember I am only “little me” to do the work and with only a few months the scope needs limitations. Anyway, back to my planned approach:

1) Understand the company
• Vision, mission, strategy, customer, which value is delivered, etc…

2) Current state
• Interviews with customers + internal employees to receive information from both perspectives
i. What works well? What could be improved? With many subquestions…

3) Requirements to the future
• Read books + academic papers = obtain knowledge about how the perfect internal IT-organization should look in the future (I know “future” is vague)

4) From current – future
• A plan for how to go from the current to the future level.

What are your thoughts about this?


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The best things that a an Internal IT company can do is not be silo'd in its approach to IT and actually be focus on what the business needs to function
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