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Mon Jun 25, 2018 12:47 am


understanding ITIL is a framework and not rules, may I ask how others view the following scenario.

Your company is migrating a customer to your systems. It's a new installation and service. They have been told the service will be available at 10am tomorrow.

When 10am arrived your service is not available to the customer due to some migration / config issues or even a mistake in the process.

@10am is this an incident? Can the implementation team or customer raise a critical incident for this? ITIL states an incident is a service disruption but ion the case that the service has never worked is it disrupted?

Please let me know what you think or how you/your company works.

Thanks everyone.

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Tue Jun 26, 2018 3:35 pm


The truth is that you are correct it is not an incident as the service is not live yet

However,... one question I have is the transfer - transition from one vendor to the other means that either the customer is still be ing supported by the previous customer or the transition period was so screwed up

you have lost any good will with the customer

that said, I would say you should treat as a Major incident for good customer relations
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Mon Dec 03, 2018 1:26 am

An incident is basically an unplanned occurrence which disrupts an IT service or results in a reduction of its quality. When an incident occurs, the main goal of the management is to get the service restored to a normal level of operation as soon as possible. Even if the failure of a particular service or configuration has not yet affected the normal operation of the company, it is still classified as an incident. If a similar incident or related incidents occur multiple times, then a record of the problem should be created.

Since many types of incidents can occur and it is not possible to solve all of them simultaneously, they should be ranked on a priority basis. This is in the order of high, medium or low priority, which is assigned on the basis of the impact caused by the interruption or its urgency. A problem which ranks high on both impact and urgency basis is given a higher priority as it can affect the functioning of the company.
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