How to design a trouble ticket based knowledge management sy

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Hi all,

As I write this question I have already prepared myself psychologically that very soon this question will be flagged and closed as being too broad and general than specific. I am prepared for that as I feel the same too. Nonetheless I must ventilate my doubts to the community which has been indispensable to my survival in IT.


Designing a ticket based knowledge management system


While reading about ITIL V3 and IT Service Desk I pondered that if I were to build a trouble ticket based knowledge management system where users can raise tickets for any problem/incidents and get its resolution which can then translate to a knowledge base then what could be the approach?

The traditional ITIL V3 jargons of Incident/Problem---> Service---->Resolution------> Knowledge actually are too conservative and cumbersome to my opinion.

When I compare that to the Stackoverflow design of handling questions/answers I find the latter to be far impressive. Stackoverflow has the same concept of Questions (read tickets) and corresponding answers (read resolutions) to a question (again read ticket).

What are some of the good designs for knowledge management against a trouble ticket? Isn't stackoverflow another great knowledge management system against tickets (questions)?

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I agree with you. I'm a big fan of stackoverflow in its crowd sourced approach to knowledge management. There are some stack exchange clones out there that are open sourced that could be used. If you are going to follow an ITIL approach though I think you have to look at some of the big ones and how they approach it like manage engine, JIRA, Freshservices, etc. Perhaps you could simplify/customize some of the terminology. A lot of them have built in knowledge management simplified platforms.
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Why effing build a knowledge management tool or system when there are literally hundreds or thousands out there in the market

What system are you using for Incident Management problem etc. is it one tool or do you have multiple tools

That should be the driver

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