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Marianne Cherney
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Wed Jan 16, 2019 5:49 am

There has been a lot of excitement around ITIL 4 and a lot of questions on the update in terms of certifications and the best way to adopt and adapt it into your organization. The Foundation course and the exam will be released next month, February 2019. Here is a quick look at what's coming and some ideas on how best to embrace ITIL 4.

If you hold the ITIL V3 Foundation Certificate only, then you can go straight to ITIL 4 Foundation. If you want a refresh, then you can take a full ITIL 4 course. If you are comfortable with ITIL now, then you can take an ITIL 4 Foundation Bridge Course. This will cost less and focus completely on ITIL 4.

If you hold advanced ITIL V3 Certifications you have a couple of choice. You can take an ITIL 4 Foundation Bridge course to get a feel for what's coming in ITIL 4 or you can read the AXELOS Foundation publication. Either choice is a good one as it will get you up to speed with ITIL 4. Because the advanced ITIL 4 courses will not be released until June 2019 this is a good starting point. AXELOS has not yet released the timing or order of the next course releases so this is where we are as of today.

Oh yes, all ITIL V3 certifications are being offered until at least June of 2020. The processes in V3 are still valid so if you are in the middle of your V3 education and certifications, keep going until you reach 17 credits. Everyone with 17 ITIL V3 credits can jump straight into the ITIL 4 Managing Professional transition course which saves you the cost of taking 4 ITIL 4 courses. Just remember, that we don't have a release date on this course yet. Target is second half of 2019.

I hope this is clear and has been helpful. Let me know your thoughts and your questions.

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