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Can anyone please help me to understand what would a document on ITIL service maintenance and ITIL service management governance will contain . Atleast some points in the table of contents will be greatly helpful
Thanks in advance

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Purchase the ITIL Books as they have that
or go on a ITIL Foundation course
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Certainly the ITIL books or attending an ITIL Foundation course could provide you with some great insight as to what you may need to consider in regards to governance of your service management environment. You may also want to have a look at ISO20000, the IT service management standard. ISO20000 discusses management responsibility, documentation requirements, training and awareness, planning and implementing service management, management of improvements, and planning and implementing new or changed services - all topics that should appear in a service management governance document, IMO.

Are there any formal corporate governance policies or procedures defined? If so, have a look there as well - you certainly don't want to say something in your service management governance documents that contradicts what your corporate governance documents state..... :D
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