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Wed May 08, 2019 6:30 am

I have to produce a stakeholder map and have to identify and prioritise stakeholders in a proposed change.
I am struggling to know the difference between significant and critical.

My question is this,

Are the helpdesk who are expected to support the new service significant or critical in a stakeholder communication map ?

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Wed May 08, 2019 9:09 am

The first thing to understand is how you've defined "critical" and "significant". What are the attributes of a "critical" stakeholder? What are the attributes of a "significant" stakeholder? What are the communication actions you're planning to take for a critical stakeholder vs. a significant stakeholder? Why are those actions different?

Then consider the following to determine if you "have it right" by individual stakeholder - What would be the impact of not including that stakeholder on the communication actions for that category (critical vs. significant)? How would that impact the success of the change? How would that impact the reputation, credibility, and morale of that stakeholder? On the IT department? On the consumer? On the organization as a whole?

Regardless of how you've defined the difference between "critical" and "significant", please consider the following:

The service desk is a crucial stakeholder in any proposed change as they will be fielding inquiries and incidents from consumers for that service. Depending on the organization, the service desk may or may not be involved in decisions like timing, investments, testing, and the like. However, the service desk must be informed about the change with sufficient advance notice (there may be staffing needs that need to be addressed), and must be provided with adequate training and resources (troubleshooting guides, escalation paths, etc.) to support the needs of the consumer.
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