What is demand management ?

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Is it a process of controlling and influencing the demand of a service that a service provider provides to its customers.
Is it the process of identifying patterns of business activity to be able to predict an untapped opportunity in the market or influences the market by creating a demand for a previously non existing service


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Demand management (in ITIL V3) is a process that works to influence the use and consumption of services. Patterns of Business Activity (PBA) is a technique used by Demand Management to understand the ways and frequencies that services are consumed - which Capacity Management needs to know in order to update/maintain the capacity plan (which is used to budget/implement sufficient service capacity). Demand Management and Capacity Management are the two sides of the same coin.

PBA represents the demand patterns for service, which may identify the need for additional capacity, or a need for new/updated services ("an untapped need" as you've described it) - which is a business decision.

Hope this helps.
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