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Hi all,

Could someone please to explain the difference between change management and System Development Lifecycle?

I have seen companies have both change management policy and SDLC policy. Actually what's the scope of each policies?



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SDLC is either Sychronzed Data Link Control
System Development life cycle or
Software development lifecycle

Second, Change Management is the process to manage and control what is put into a Production system, application or environment

Third SDLC - v3 - the entire cycle of developing, building testing and deploying an application or update to it

SDLC involves project management, resource management, test management, release management and of course change management - both internally and externally

Internally, Change management is about the version of a complied object that is being used and whether the newer version should be used instead. This is also version control, code management as well. You are basically controlling which version of a code piece is being used.

Externally, CM is the control that prevents or allows a solution to be deployed to the production environment. the solution is deployed using Release management
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