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Wed Oct 24, 2012 11:08 am

How does an entirely new service fit into Change Management? The project to set up the service will have its own change control – but presumably, the PM will need to raise RFCs with the main Change Management process? Would this be one all encompassing RFC or is it best to break it down? If the latter, can you please recommend how?

For one very complex internet telephony project I am tempted to bring it under the umbrella of my Change Manangment process and give it its own CAB.

I must confess that I'm not ITIL qualified, although I am a Change Manager with a process based on ITIL. I've been told that the answer to my problem is Service Transition, but I lost the will to live as I tried to read the book earlier this afternoon so I thought I'd throw myself on your tender mercies... :)

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The answer is yes, no and it depends

The reason is simple

CM can have different scopes.

1- Operational CM protects Production and controls changes to production via a CAB, CM process etc

2 - Project CM would deal with the issues within a Project before it goes live. PRINCE2 has its own CM porcess that ties into the Project mgmt process and procedures

Now, the question is as follows

DOes the entire project as it starts impact Production in any shape or form ?
Network, facilities, infrastructure for example

Until the project does.. leave it out of CM OPerational side.

It also depends on what CM policy / scope is in place

If your production and test environments are rigorously controlled with CM, thenyes the Project would face milestones where CM is involved.
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