Incident after delivery a item to Service Catalog

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I need to confirm with you situation analysis.

Assuming, after delivery a service request this item does't work to my client, and he reopen the ticket Informing the problem with using this. Eg: Delivery VPN to servers pool.

This new thread takes the incident form, and requires the process to be followed for incident management to treat the cause of the error, correct? Even if it is just after delivery and is the first use of that item.


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Wed Dec 05, 2012 1:58 pm

I don't fully understand what you are saying. But anything that goes wrong in the live environment is an incident. However, resolving an incident does not look to cause beyond what is needed to restore the service. Treating the cause is the province of problem management.

If something goes wrong the first time it is used, you would also want to look for deficiencies in change and release, which may have had inadequate sign off criteria or other controls.
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If the technology / service item isn't working as per normal, sounds like an incident to me.
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This depends on how the contract is written .Warranty plays a Major role in defining the Incident in this case .
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