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Hi All,

First time poster here looking for some friendly guidance.

I currently am filling the shoes for a service delivery manager, I'm not well versed in ITIL as of yet, but have been told I will be put through a course of some kind to bring me up to speed.

Ive been asked to produce a Service Review Report for an incident list and am struggling to find the correct format or examples to pull from. The previous SDM left quite abruptly and Im not finding any previous reports.
I work within the IT field and the incident list mainly involves router issues, call outs of engineers.

I must present this to senior management and don't want to look like an amateur who doesn't even know how to Google.

I have been told that it must include a management summary, list of incidents logged, commercial tracking of incidents against customer PO with balance remaining.

If someone could point me in the right direction to get me started I would greatly appreciate it.



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