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I've been looking at possibilities to improve the knowledge management processes within my company. We do have an issue with having to re-discover information, much information that is located within our senior assets heads which makes us vulnerable and each resolver has an "own" way of handling documentation.

I have spent time reading through the ITIL documentation and found that the documentation will not really give me clear approach on How to do knowledge management but rather tells me it's important.

Known-errors are being generated from Problem Management but hardly covers many aspects of technical documentation that is lacking.

What i'd like to achieve is to create processes to do the following
- Create content as a by-product of solving incidents.
- Develop a shared/collective knowledge base (SKMS)
- Establish routines and tools which makes it easy for technicians to document procedures.
- Establish a possibility for easier collaboration and sharing between our resolvers.

Any suggestions on what approach, what to read or how to go forward?

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