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Tue Jun 13, 2017 6:18 pm

We are currently migrating from Remedy to ServiceNow and are trying to decide the best way to test the truckload of Service Requests built for the go live. Our current Remedy requests are awful at best and most of the time asked "Please describe what you need" as the only end user input question. We've enhanced as best we could with our limited timeframe but were able consolidated over 500 requests into 150 requests. How do we test? During the creation, we only made sure the request match the workbook provided, nothing more and no engagement with the Request owner. Now, what is the best way to test this many new requests?

We've thought about spot testing 10-20 request but that seems inadequate. We've also discussed testing all new requests but the time commitment is staggering if we use our current testing team' s methodology. They wish to create a specific test case for each of the 150 requests, schedule a meeting with the owner, record the session while the owner tests and then capture/report defects. This option is not going to fly with our leadership which causes everyone to say "we can only do spot testing"

I'm leaning towards creating 150 generic test cases (named for each request and owner) and have the owners test on their own and report back any defects by a certain date. We don't need to record the session and we don't babysit each Request owner. If they don't test, it's on their head if the request isn't what they wanted for go live. Has anyone tested this way before? Did it work? How would you test? We also have several hundred requests backlogged for creation after go live so we won't have a lot of time to fix Day 1 requests on the fly.

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Thu Jun 15, 2017 2:52 am

Same boat I am in.

So, I am looking to have all 'unclassified' Requests go to the ServiceDesk group as part of Auto Assignment

I also am looking at the some of the requests in the system and trying to group them so I can set up a Service Catalogue Request fulfilllment

Requests like - Account Management - add user, remove user, change user
Database related
Back Up / Restore related

Then the rest will be miscellaneous
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