Failed RCV twice - how to approach this..???

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Thu Jan 27, 2011 9:40 am

Hey guys, I'm looking for guidance for anyone who's passed RCV. I'm a V2 Service Manager and V3 Expert but I've failed RCV twice:

1st time: 68%
2nd time: 65%

I'm really at a loss as I did not find the questions difficult and the answers I chose jumped out at me as being correct but I'm getting murdered on Change Mgmt and Service Validation and Testing.

Unfortunately I can never remember the questions/answers after an exam and I'm sure about 4 of them were for Change Mgmt, lol! But none-the-less, I really have no idea on how to approach this.

I've read the all the official course slides about 8 times, I know the sample papers verbatim and in the exam I am choosing answers with confidence.

Is there any other study aid you guys have used?


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Fri Jan 28, 2011 3:58 pm


I know people that had difficulties with this exam as well, its not the end of the world though :)

What I suggest for you to do, is get back to your instructor and ask him/her for advice and for more information, material and mock exams, they will be the best people to guide you on this. If you are doing it online, then I suggest you to search for the online CBTs there are some good ones out there. But as I said your trainer is the person you should be refering to not anyone else..

Good Luck.

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