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I can see the question of the accreditation path has come up many times on this forum but my question of the intermediate certifications is slightly different.

Whilst the guidelines appear to suggest persons working within the process opt for the capability modules my question would be is there really that much difference in the content in terms of the courseware.

The exams are similar based on my experience - e.g. the lifecycle exams were used as part papers when I have sat capability exams in the past. Question style virtually identical. If the exams are so similar is there really a justification for sitting the longer capability courses which cost a lot more and require 2 extra days study?

Is the content the same but its more of a question of how that content is taught? Looking really for peoples views and experiences - possibly a trainer who would have course have to have passed both. :lol:

At the moment im stuck between saving 500 pounds should I choose lifecycle over capability. I realise there is 1 point credit difference in terms of expert certification but at the moment becoming an expert isnt my primary goal.

Hoping someone can help.


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I always support taking life cycle module as this is more systematic and candid
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