ITIL SO/OSA Intermediate exam tips

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I completed my ITIL OSA certification 2 days back, with 36/40. I missed the best answers for 2 questions. Real exams are not that simple as the samples, but if you think well 40/40 is achievable. From my experience, below are the points to remember.

• Don’t relate the scenarios with our personal experience to find a solution. The SO experience we have might not be ideally an ITIL solution. Think in ITIL perspective
• A scenario may address many problems, and the best solution will be the one addressing it only from the role assumed in the scenario. Example “You are the service desk Manager”

From the experience from 4 mock tests (SO and OSA) and main test, I would suggest to concentrate on,

• Consolidation of IT departments, for centralization or new acquisitions – Models of service desk and which one to select in different scenarios
• Selection of a tool – try to do a MoSCoW analysis on service desk/incident/event/problem management/service fulfilment/Access management tools.
• Roles and responsibilities in each function and process – When you learn incident management, think what role will problem management/configuration management/change and release management/service desk management/technology management etc etc have in it. Relate with RACI model – who is responsible, who is accountable for each process.
• Have an idea about what are the metrics/KPIs which can best measure the processes.

Look for the below to identify the distractors,

• Separate, Isolated, Individually etc – which is against consolidation and integration
• Giving importance to “Procedure” than “Process”
• Providing solutions, which is out of the assumed role in scenario.
• Too technical solution.

I used a ranking score method to identify the best answer. Try the below.

• Write down the core issue/s described in the scenario.
• Write down the role you are assigned to by the scenario.
• Read each statement in the answer bullets.
• If the statement contribute to the actual solution, give +1 mark.
• If you are not sure whether the statement is a right one, give 0.
• If you are sure it is out of context, give -1.
• Do this for all bullet points in your each answer options.
• Once you add the points for A,B,C,D - review the top two answers again.
• This way, you will be able to find the best answer. Do this in the Mock exams, and see whether you get the correct order of best , second best third best and distractor.

All the best to all aspirants..!!

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