5 core publications and/or 4 recommended books for exam pass

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I'm new in this forum and at ITIL.

I have some questions.

I am heading to self-study for the ITIL Foundation exam.

I purchased the five core publications that are been referenced on the axeloswebsite [link removed by admin]
ITIL Service Strategy,
ITIL Service Design,
ITIL Service Transition,
ITIL Service Operation,
ITIL Continual Service Improvement

I noticed on [link removed by admin]in the "HOW CAN I PREPARE FOR THE ITIL FOUNDATION EXAM?| section and in the "Using a book:" paragraph, the sentence that reads:

Using a book: there are a number of different books available to help you pass the ITIL Foundation exam.

ITIL Foundation Essentials
ITIL Foundation Handbook
ITIL Foundation Exam Study Guide
ITIL Lifecycle Essentials

My questions are the following:

What's the connection of these last four books that are been recommended for passing the ITIL Foundation exam with the five core publications stated initially?

I noticed that in a zip called ITIL-Foundation-Sample-Papers-v5-1-English.zip" that I downloaded that contained the ITIL Foundation Examination SampleA v5.1.pdf and their respective answers in the ITIL Foundation Examination SampleA ANSWERSandRATIONALES v5.1.pdf athat the answers on the questions are spanned and coming from all 5 core publications.

I understood after reading that the material covered in the four books that are been recommended for passing the ITIL Foundation exam is a subset of the 5 core publications.

What to read?

Both i) 5 core publications AND ii) the four books that are been recommended for passing the ITIL Foundation exam or just one of those i) or ii)?

and the 2nd question:
Do I need to read all four books that are been recommended for passing the ITIL Foundation exam ??

Thanks fo ryour answers :)

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First, thanks for taking the time t o put together a well thought out question.

1 - The 5 books represents on everything about ITIL. That is it. It is what you are tested on on all of the exams

2 = Courses are where the information is presented so it can be analsyis, discussed, distilled and understood.

Self study courses do that do - but without the interaction from a classroom

3 - self study material.

There are lots of material - quality and not so quality - material that attempts to give you a better understanding to pass the foundaiton exam

The key is that the book is an Official book authorised/certified / by the Axelos or the EI.

Training companies sell course work and of course books

The exam is 40 questions, you need 28 to pass.

There are no absolutes. The study guide could be all you need, the essentials, the handbook etc. could be for you as well . It all depeneds on your ability to read, comprehend and be able to successfully answer the question.

the samples papers from an EI, ATO or Axelos themselves are a good representation of what is on the exam

You have not put down what you doing work wise and why you are doing ITIL.

Answer and i wil lprovide more
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