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WeSing - We together sing anytime and anywhere we want

In the past, people often held a karaoke night in a large room or bar; however, today, they tend to “become a singer” anytime with many applications on smartphones. 

Tencent is one of the greatest technology companies not only in China but also around the world as well. As of 2019, Tencent has created lots of famous applications such as QQ, WeChat, QQ browser, Tencent games, and WeSing. 

When it comes to WeSing, many users might only know that this is a Chinese product. Still, it seems to be the “pioneering” karaoke app all over the world. Have you ever wondered why Tencent chose this market to develop? 

Why WeSing was born? 

According to the South China Morning Post, in this most populous country, karaoke is extremely popular, regardless of age and gender. If you go to a commercial center, you are much more likely to see a group of students or workers to go to mini boxes. Most Chinese citizens go to karaoke to relax after hard working days. 

That is the reason why Karaoke services in China boom in order to meet the massive needs of the people. Lots of large karaoke bars or even mini boxes in the commercial buildings are constructed. 

It is undeniable that these places are ideal for groups and families who want to share unforgettable moments with each other. Still, there are some who love singing but cannot do it well. They might only want to sing alone, or simply practice singing. In these cases, spending a bucket to go to a mini box on their own seems to be impossible. 

From then, the market of karaoke sing apps has never more thriving, and WeSing should be the most successful. One of four music products owned by Tencent Music, WeSing creates more than 70% of revenue in this field of the company. The success of WeSing comes from its features and convenience. Unlike traditional karaoke forms, users can sing with WeSing anywhere. When singing, users can record or even play live, then share on social networks or online video sites in just one click. 

More informaiton is available at

Key features of WeSing 

Wesing comes to all users at no cost. Here you can raise your voice like a superstar. Either singing alone or together with your buddies is not a matter. More lovely, your dream comes true when you can duet with as many idols as you want. Let’s go into details. 

A massive song library: WeSing is an amazing place for those who both love new and classic musical products. Want to sing “My heart will go on” or “Attention”, but can’t find both at other karaoke apps? - Simply try WeSing and you will be absolutely surprised. WeSing “catches trend” quickly, so you won’t worry being behind anymore. What’s more, WeSing makes your search easier via a lot of categories such as instrumentals, genres, singers, and many more. Most of the songs have lyrics, so you don’t have to learn by heart long lyrics but still sing well. 

Record and edit your performance: Make your voice more beautiful thanks to a wide collection of distinctive voice effects. Besides, you can get feedback on your singing immediately via earphone feedback. Hundreds of filters are always available for you to choose from and make your video more exciting than ever! 

Perform a duet with your favorite artists: Distance is no longer a problem. Simply choose your loved songs and sing together with Justin Bieber or Charlie Puth, etc. Also, WeSing enables you to duet with friends. 

Create your own album: Collect all your good performance and create your ultimate album. Feel free to share them with your mates on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Grab any chance to make friends with those who have the same hobby all over the world. 

With so many awesome features in only one application, don’t wait to download this fabulous app and Sing with Wesing - the karaoke app bringing people together with song.


WeSing alternatives 

In addition to WeSing, you can also search for these following suggestions and give them a shot. 

Sing! Karaoke by Smule

Sing! Karaoke by Smule is probably a good choice for both Android and iOS today. With a catalog of over 1200 songs and the ability to record your performances, this app really meets the most basic requirements of karaoke fans. Also, Sing! It also allows you to sing a duet, or with your friends or with other random users around the world. Its downside is that although the application is free, you will have to buy some features or products that the app offers if you want to make the most of all features. 


The main advantage of Yokee is that it is integrated with YouTube, allowing you to browse tons of karaoke songs on YouTube that are completely free. Like Sing! Karaoke by Smule, this application also has restrictions on VIP song lists, but you can also earn coins Yokee to unlock your favorite songs if you do not want to pay.

Red Karaoke

Like Yokee, Red Karaoke takes the source of songs from YouTube and other similar sources, so you will definitely get a huge list of songs to choose from. The application interface is quite simple but the features are not as complete as WeSing. 


What makes users most interested in StarMaker is the way to display lyrics and the ability to record your performances via the smartphone's front camera, allowing you to watch and review your previous songs. However, you will also have to spend money to purchase the features that the application provides even if the application is completely free to download.

Want to find more, please go to Music apps at top1apk.

To sum up 

If you love singing, just try WeSing right away. Many people try WeSing, now it’s your turn. 
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