Online training for ITSM ( Not Foundation )

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I already have the ITIL Foundation V2 And V3 I belive this is the time to upgrade to match the fast growing of IT Management.

As you know to complete the ITIL Expert you have to set for a cources whitch is really expensive.

I am thinking to go through an online solution to get this done.

1- Do you know any online e-learning site that provide an authorized training so we can go to the next level of exams ?

2- If Yes . Is the certificates recognized?

3- Are there any other way to reduce the cost?

Note that I am located in Canada in a very far place for any classroom as really it will be expesive for me to travell for a classroom.

Thanks for your time . Looking forward for your reply.


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Sun Jun 20, 2010 7:05 pm

Charles Sturt University in Australia have some ITIL certification (Foundation, RCV, OSA) as part of its post grad IT courses.

It is run as distance education and can be accessed globally. The resources are really good. You get the appropriate ITIL book, a study guide, an on line interactive class once a week, other resources plus access to the University's library on line. The teacher also puts resources on Second Life, but in my experience there hasn't been much use of this among students. The subject teacher has a huge work ethic and expects the same from the students.

Not sure how much it costs to sit a subject from outside Australia though. For an Australian it costs around half as much as doing it over 3 days with a training company (e.g.Pink, ProActive)

The other thing is, the subjects run for around 3 months as opposed to 3 days. But then you are actually learning, not just cramming your memory.

You can always just do the ITIL units and not continue with the degree / garduate certificate
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Mon Jun 21, 2010 3:25 am


There is US Centric company itsm solutions . google it

They do online ITIL training sessions

rick lemieux is one of the principles.

He is on linkedIn in several ITIL groups - touting his company when trainign is brought up
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Mon Jun 21, 2010 3:37 am

Also "ITIL training zone" and "IT governance" websites.
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Try Simplilearn. Good Luck!
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