V3 Foundation in Chennai - Cost / Basic questions

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Mon Nov 07, 2011 2:30 am

Hello All,

I am new to this forum and ITIL as well and am very much passionate about taking up V3 Foundation, to boost up my career opportunities.
Could you please provide your suggestions for the below queries,

1. In Chennai, any few best centres for taking up certifications?
2. Which one is best - Self study or institute training?
3. What is approximate cost for Certification alone?
4. Cost for Training + Certification?

Google search gives vasts info, but could narrow done for the above details.

Please help.

With regards,

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Mon Nov 07, 2011 5:22 am


Answers to your questions

1 - a Training company is a training company. You need to make sure that the company is accredited to teach the course.
2 - Indeterminate answer. As I do not know how well you learn, the only answer is It depends.
3 - the Exam is a fixed cost - £100 to £125 here in the UK. price may varies in other countries. Easiest way is to check with a training company or a Prometric centre or the prometric web site
4 - answer number 3 and the money you spend on the course - whether it is self study or classroom. IT AINT FREE

As for your career opporutunities, ITIL Foundation is not going to do much for it. The prime reason is that 1) it is a foundation exam and 2) a lot of people have the certification

What are you doing now ?
Are you in IT ?
Are you in Service Management - IT Service desk, help desk, incident management, system support ?
Are you in Development - programming, system engineer
Are you in Projects, project mgmt, networks, systems

These too have an imapct on your career path
John Hardesty
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Thu Nov 17, 2011 3:51 am

Hello Jayakumar,

Good day,

Your anticipation to get ITIL certification is great...

For your questions....my answer would be very few training institutes stand best for any corporate courses. In chennai the cost of ITIL training would be around 10k to 15k...and apart from which we have to pay for certification around 2-3ks...rather taking a wide search, you can contact some trainers themselves personally (not the institutes) to gain knowledge on ITIL and how to proceed with.. Though self study can be done but...taking up training made me comfortable with ITIL certification. I found IBS with good quality of training and they are well expertised in ITIL.
If you wish i could give the trainer number, its Mr.Ram@9003146352. he could help you with what to do about it.

All the best..
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Wed Dec 28, 2011 10:30 am

I cannot post links on thios forum. Please contact me directly
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