ITIL Certification Training | ITIL V3 Foundation Course

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Course Highlights
The ITIL® 2011 Foundation is the entry level qualification which offers candidates a general awareness of the key elements, concepts and terminology used in the ITIL® Service Lifecycle, including the linkages between Lifecycle stages, the processes used and their contribution to Service Management practices.


The purpose of the ITIL® 2011 Foundation certificate in IT Service Management is to certify that the candidate has gained knowledge of the ITIL® terminology, structure and basic concepts and has comprehended the core principles of ITIL® practices for Service Management.

Candidates can expect to gain knowledge and understanding in the following upon successful completion of the education and examination components related to this certification:
  • Service Management as a practice (Comprehension)
    Service Lifecycle (Comprehension)
    Key Principles and Models (Comprehension)
    Generic Concepts (Awareness)
    Selected Processes (Awareness)
    Selected Roles (Awareness)
    Selected Functions (Awareness)
    Technology and Architecture (Awareness)
    ITIL Qualification scheme (Awareness)
Exam Detail Examination Format: - Multiple Choice
Number of Questions: 40
Pass Code: 65%
Delivery: Online or Paper Based
Exam Duration: Maximum sixty minutes (Candidates sitting the examination in a language other than their native language have a maximum of seventy-five minutes and are allowed the use of a dictionary)

Open/Closed Book: Closed Book.

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