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Fri Jul 15, 2011 12:45 pm

Hi All - Can anyone answer how to incorporate performance degradations for an application into Availability calculation.

To be more clear - If an application did not have an outage but just some slowness that caused degradations, how can this be included in the Availability calculation? Or, should this be considered for calculation?


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Mon Jul 18, 2011 5:35 am

If the service is still available (but slower) why would you want to count it as unavailable? Fudging facts to simplify things has a way of biting back.

Surely the place to define the required response times is in Service Level Agreements?

I suppose if the slowness means that some people cannot access the service then it does also become an availability issue. In this case you can measure the quantity of unavailability, by counting how many people cannot access the service for how long.
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