SPOC with additional Emergency phone numer

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Mon Apr 09, 2018 1:21 am


First off: This issue raises a ton of questions, some of them have been pointed out by myself, but most have been pushed aside, by management, no matter my argumentation.

I have recently been presented with wishes to establish a way for the business to contact the service desk, without risking to end in line with the rest of the customers calling at the same time.
Management wishes to either create a separate phone number for these inquiries, og create a separate selection in the existing phone-setup ("Choose X for Critical inquiries" - like) that ands up with always being answered with no risk of queue.
(I have argued, that this moves some of the prioritization of incidents from the SPOC to the customer)

I am not sure what to recommend (Except of my initial recommendation of: handling this issue in the existing SPOC, either but manning up or adjusting the existing processes.. this has been rejected)

The reason for this post: Does any of you have a setup, that resembles this? or experiences with implementing (or deimplementing (is that a word?) ) similar means of contacting IT-departments?

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