Service Desk and Problem Management

Discussion on issues related directly or largely to ITIL problem management.
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Wed Feb 29, 2012 7:27 pm

I realize that Service Desk is a function of both Incident Management and Request fulfillment. With this in mind, should service desk have the ability to create problems and known errors?

My understanding that activity such as problem logging, etc and creation of known errors is done by Problem management. I realize that Problem wants to tightly control what goes into a Known Error database to maintain some integrity of what is actually in there that are truly errors and those that are not.

Is there any harm in having the service desk creating problems and known errors? Part of having Service Desk do this is knowledge maturity of their staff which I can agree with. However, no one in the deeper level support areas ever train/educate Service Desk.

One last thing to mention, the knowledge base that the Service Desk uses is contained in same database that the Known errors are stored in. The only difference is a categorization stating "known error". Service desk has a hard time understanding that "how -to/step by step instructions" is very different from a known error.

I'm curious if there's any harm or if it should absolutely be segregated and dealt primarily in Problem Management.


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Thu Mar 01, 2012 6:59 am

The activity of setting up a problem record is governed by problem management (the function). An organization can authorize anyone they choose to have the ability to do it. They need the proper training and they need to follow the procedures and in all such actions they would be answerable to the Problem Manager since they would be performing a problem management role.

At some stage there is a review and approval process and it is practical for this to be under the control of the problem manager. If other people are allowed to set up records then their status would have to be "pre-approval" until the PM or his/her delegated staff have approved the entry. A status of pre-approval should mean that no action be taken and no use made of the information by anyone else.

Decide for yourself if this would be a suitable approach for your organization.

On a more general note, everyone is responsible for identifying and reporting possible problems. how this is transitioned into a problem record is a matter for your procedures.
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Wed Mar 28, 2012 5:55 am

If your problem process says the service des kanalyst loggs the problem record then fine. but the whole problem record should be owned and managed from start to finish by the problem manager. Every company works different ways. But problem manager will work closely with the incident and service desk teams.
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