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Fri Jan 11, 2013 10:45 am

Background: We have a dedicated Window Print Server (A). This is running a Canon Print application which controls all the print jobs. The Print Server (A) has a connection to a separate SQL server (B). Server A connects to a SQL Database on Server B. The SQL database acts as a store. It stores total number of print jobs, total cost per print etc etc. We have two sites in the UK which have big all in one Canon printers located on each floor of the building. The Canon Printers are connect to the Print Server A.

Incident: Service desk get multiple calls from users in multiple location complaining about not being able to Print to a Canon all in one printer. Multiple Incident Tickets are raised. These are linked to a master incident Ticket with a Priority 1. The helpdesk passed the ticket onto the IT server team as they are responsible for Printing issues. Incident Management also notified at this stage.

The IT Service team are not sure what caused the multiple Incidents.
Details noticed by the IT service Team as a result of investigation:
CPU HIT 100% CPU at time of incident
Multiple Errors in the Windows Server Application Event Log = The Canon print Application (Located on Print Server A) lost Connection to SQL Database on Server B. These errors have been on the server since 2009

Restart Print Server (A) which restored services

Problem Management:
What Caused the High CPU?
What caused the Multiple Errors in the Windows Server Application Event Log?
Was it a result of the Application Event Log Errors that caused the incidents?
Was it High CPU that caused the Incidents?

Questions for Forum at this :
At this stage would we log two separate Problem Tickets? And would the following Problem title / Summary be ok to use?
Problem Ticket REF0001 – Print Server A has Multiple Errors in the Windows Server Application Event Log
Problem Ticket REF0002 – high CPU utilisation – on Print server A

The workaround to resolve this type of incident (Users can’t print) a restart of the server. So does this mean the Record is change to a known Error?

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Fri Jan 11, 2013 1:11 pm

A problem is a problem; a known error is a known error. One does not change into the other. A problem exists until it is resolved; a known error exists until the problem causing it is resolved.

You have only one problem at the moment: something is causing the connection to break. The error messages are a symptom and the high CPU could be cause or effect. If it is cause then you have to go further back to the cause of the high CPU; if it is effect then it will go away when you solve the problem. If it is neither (I will be surprised). It may call for capacity management to look at it but that in itself does not make it a problem.
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