PR/incident created during change freeze period

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Mon Jan 04, 2016 2:03 pm


I have a situation that I faced today at work for which I need some advice. Let me explain the situation with a hypothetical example:

1. Higher management have decided that during 24 Dec-11 Jan, there would be no standard changes carried out.
2. Similarly, no normal changes are to be carried out from 24 Dec-18 Jan.
3. Alert received on an SQL dB server for low disk space. Total size : 200TB, free space : 200GB, threshold set for alerting: when 90% full.
4. Known issue, addressed multiple times for the SQL server where the threshold was to be increased was discussed.
5. On receiving alert, team A has to open a PR to team B who will escalate to team C to do the necessary changes.

Now, here comes my question:

That it is change freeze is known throughout the company, so is it still advisable for team A to create a PR or Incident to team B? As to my understanding, this would need a CR to clear the threshold.

When the issue was earlier addressed, team C has agreed 200GB is healthy space and only need to tweak the threshold.
Is it advisable to open an emergency change request for this during change freeze period?
I am asking this from ITIL process perspective, and not the technicality or business impact (which I believe can survive the change freeze period).
Please assist...

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Sun Jan 24, 2016 7:07 am

Freeze periods are meant to maintain high system availability through limiting the number of changes. So maintaining high system availability is the purpose and change freeze is just an enabler. If there is anything threatening your availability and Emergency change is the only way out, so be it. You avoid introducing fancy changes but necessary ones should go in, ofcourse with added scrutinty

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