Service is restored but degraded due to a failed CI

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Tue Mar 14, 2017 12:49 pm


This question may have been answered before so apologies.

I had a situation recently where a VPN service for customer was not working. It was narrowed down to a single server in a two server cluster. Once the faulty server was taken out of the cluster, end users were able to connect, so technically service restored. If the faulty server was introduced, users who tried to connect via that server, could not. So it was left out of the cluster to ensure users could connect.

Now is it the role of Incident or Problem Management to bring that second server back into service?

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Tue Mar 14, 2017 1:36 pm

The answer is IT depends

1 - What ITIL says
2 - What your policies and processes says
3 - pragmatism

So the incident has not been resolved as of yet. It wont be until the service - as agreed is delivered as agreed. What has occurred is work around - with reduced service

So technically you would have resolved the incident - albeit with reduced service

The fault device needs to be replaced / repaired / etc so that it can be returned to service. It is the Service Desk who monitors that. The Operational team that is responsible for the device is the one who fixes and restores the device

PM is involved if the device issues are unknown and need to be investigated and a solution is identified. If the solution has been identified. PM is not needed

So once the device is fit for purpose, a change request should be raised to return the device to the network LB and the network service to be restored

Meanwhile, the Service level Management / Availabilty people are scurrying around fearing SLA breaches - with the service being impaired

Once the device is fixed
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