Major Incident Review Meeting - who runs the meeting?

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Who Should run a Major Incident Review meeting?

The Major Incident Manager
The Problem Manager
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Sun Apr 22, 2018 5:10 am

Hello All,

We are having some interesting debate on this question in my office, it would be great to hear you opinions...

So, after a Major Incident is over, we hold a MIR (Major Incident Review) meeting. Currently this is lead by the Major Incident manager who was coordinating the resolution of the MI. In the meeting several things are discussed, like checking the whiteboard notes and other topics. Invited to the meeting are the technicians, problem management and various other parties.

The aim is to make sure our details are correct, propose and ideas/information that will help problem management and then end the Major Incident Manager's involvement.

However, there has been some debate about who is responsible for running this meeting, is it best for the MI manager to run it, or should PRB management run the meeting?

My gut feel is the Major Incident Manager is best qualified to run it, and even if PRB management ran the meeting, the MI manager would have to attend anyway.

What does everyone here think? Does ITIL have a guideline for this?

Many thanks,


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