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Problem Management Ownership query

Posted: Thu Apr 11, 2019 9:27 am
by Parthiban
We are application front end team , We have reviewed and approved a change based on the provided implementation plan in the change record which was implemented by Platform team. The plan was incorrect and the impact analysis was not right as well. However while approving the change we do not know the impact to our application, based on the assumption that it will not have any impact - we approved it.

Due to this change, we had an outage to one of our application (basically there was database frame changed from one to another)
Now the question is : Who will own the RCA for this incident ? application team or platform team who implemented the change . Please advise ?

Re: Problem Management Ownership query

Posted: Fri Apr 12, 2019 7:16 am
by tedderpd
So, from reading your description, I see this as an opportunity for continual improvement. It appears that you already know what the root cause is - now what can be learned and improved from this event?

From what you've stated, the platform team doesn't understand what the application team is doing. The application team isn't aware of what the platform team does. Sending the RfC out for review and approval was an opportunity to bridge that gap - but that didn't work because there was no discussion or real reviews that included both teams of the potential risk and impact.

My suggestion is that the two teams work together to determine how best that the two teams should work together. The fact is that each team - the application team and the platform team - need each other to have success. Both teams will need to make changes that do not negatively impact the other. Once this is decided, then document what you've agreed, then do what you've documented. Identify and publish measures that are meaningful for both teams - and to the business.