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Wed Jul 20, 2011 4:37 pm

Hi folks,

wondering if anybody can assist with description of what allocation of responsibilities would be in relation to compliance to an OLA between service integrator and service providers in a multisouring environment?

The scenario is that parties have already entered into an OLA but what are responsibilities and activities they do to ensure compliance.

Does this make any sense?

Thanks in advance anyway

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Thu Jul 21, 2011 5:06 am

Responsibilities have to be the subject of negotiation and agreement and are fundamental to the OLA agreement.

If you have an agreement that does not make them clear, then it needs revised (or torn up!). The present situation is almost guaranteed to lead to poor service and acrimony and finger pointing.

I cannot think of any abstract way of defining the appropriate assignment of responsibilities, beyond the common sense that they have to be practical and not demand anything beyond the capacity or authority of the party.
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