Service Request catalogue vs Service Catalogue with a bit of Service Portfolio

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Tue Feb 12, 2019 11:58 am

Hi all

We've been creating our Service Catalogue by creating our list of Business Services and then our IT Services and supporting services.

I'm struggling with a bit of terminology that we've discovered recently which actually seems to make sense but doesn't seem to appear in the ITIL V3 docs.

Service Catalogue - live services available to the customer
Service Request Catalogue - live services with methods of interaction for those services. i.e. it's a user request, for system access

Has the Service Catalogue become the source for the interaction method (e.g. support request) as well as the service (MS Word) that we're interacting with?

This also raises another question: if our customers are just buying items through our service catalogue e.g. boxed software or a peripheral, is that item listed as a service in the catalogue (and probably the portfolio)? It doesn't seem quite right as we're not really defining the service in terms of customer value, we're just box shifting and we don't really care what the value is as we just want them to buy through us

Do we also record our processes in the Service Portfolio?

Thanks in advance


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Wed Feb 13, 2019 6:33 pm

Jason - the Service Catalog represents all services that are live or available for deployment. The Service Portfolio represents all services, whether they are in discussion/planning/development, live or available for deployment, or no longer available for deployment.

Many ITSM tool vendors have promoted the notion that they support a "service catalog", when in fact what they are delivering is a portal for facilitating service requests, managed by the Request Fulfillment process. This construct is often referred to as a "service request catalog" (strictly speaking, that is what it is). ITILv3 briefly (in only one place that I know about) mentions a "service request catalog" but doesn't provide much more explanation than it is used with Request Fulfillment.

Remember, services are to be defined in terms of value, business outcomes, cost and risk. Services only provide value while being consumed; services do not "sit on shelves". Having said that, things like "MS Word" (service request-able - which means that it may appear in your request portal (service request catalog) and may even be represented by a CI in your CMDB) may be related to a service (i.e. "Personal Productivity"). So, my advice for your particular situation is that the service that would appear in your service portfolio/service catalog (the "true" service catalog) would be "Personal Productivity", and the item(s) that would appear in your request portal (aka "service request catalog") could be MS Word, MS Excel, MS Visio, etc. One potential way to relate things like MS Word, MS Excel, etc. to the "Personal Productivity" service is to define the "things" and the "service" as individual CIs and then define the relationships between those CIs within the CMDB (e.g. "Personal Productivity" is the parent of/ includes / (define the relationship as best fits your needs/works with your toolset) of the CIs representing MS Word, MS Excel, etc.)

There are many other considerations for the Service Portfolio/Service Catalog - hopefully these "basics" will help you.

Typically, "processes" are not recorded in the service portfolio.... but I always follow the overarching guidance for anything ITSM.... first define "what business objective are you trying to accomplish?", then based on what you are currently doing, decide what needs to be done. So the question to you would be what are you trying to accomplish by potentially recording processes in the portfolio?
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