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Fri Nov 01, 2019 11:33 am

I have been having a debate with some of my fellow change management team regarding Unsuccessful and Successful with issues.


A planned change, when implemented will fix a specific defect in a production application. The change is implemented and post implementation testing has verified that the defect has been fixed as intended. However, the change introduced a new and unrelated defect, not picked up during QA testing. The new defect was not found during post implementation test, however was reported through normal support channels during regular operation.

Is this change considered successful with issues or unsuccessful?

I maintain that this change would be considered successful with issues since the intend and objective of the initial change was achieved. The "issues" part would cover the newly introduced defect.

Side note:
(If the new defect was identified in post implementation validation testing, the change should be backed out and marked unsuccessful)(what if the business wants to accept the new defect as a risk and fix with a new change at a later date? Success with issues?)

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Corde Wagner
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Fri Nov 15, 2019 11:11 pm


Thanks for such a well formed scenario, and for sharing your approach to identifying change success.

I completely agree with your assessment that the change was implemented without issues, but a defect was discovered after the change was accepted in production, could be considered "Successful, with issues". I also agree that a change that has failed and requires the change to be backed-out, would be unsuccessful.

For sake of discussion, one could argue that if a defect was discovered that is not in any way related to the change (modification (new or modified code)), that the change was successful?

Good post. Thanks.

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