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Hello guys,

i have a question about following topic.

Our Service Desk Agents often solve little problems. The solution time is less than the time it takes to create a new ticket and to document it. So it happens very often that our workers don't create a new ticket which leads to a wrong statistic about the tickets. I have to report all tickets to our customers and to show them why they are paying us, so i need as much tickets as possible documented in our ticket tool.

Do you have any ideas how to solve this issue?

Best regards

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Corde Wagner
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Fri Sep 11, 2020 6:18 pm

This is a very common situation with a Service Desk, and most often is an indicator of the maturity of the process and the staff. The efficient and consistent recording of incidents and requests should be included in initial and recurring training of all of your service desk agents, and part of your “continual improvement” regiment.

Here are some suggestions for improving the recording of incidents and requests:
• Have all agents attend formal training with you. Explain the agents responsibilities for recording any and every customer contact is fully explained and emphasized as an important part of their job. Do not leave the training to another agent to teach a new member as part of on-the-job-training, as the message may not be delivered the way you need and want, and if you deliver it that will mean more.
o Let the agents know why it is important to have a ticket for each customer contact.
o Ensure they understand that tickets are used for identifying patterns necessary for problem management and process improvement, as well as how you show management and customers what your work load is. (Junior personnel will understand that if there isn’t enough work then it’s possible that some people have to be let go; senior personnel will likely recognize that they are over worked and ticket volume/history will help tell that story).
o Note of caution: avoid letting ticket counts become a “numbers game” with bonus or compensation being a reward for higher numbers, as your problem could go from being not enough to where agents are ‘fabricating’ reasons to make tickets.
• For those truly quick fix situations (e.g. answer a questions or hand someone a replacement mouse, etc.), in Service Desks I have worked at we had a “quick ticket” feature in our ticket in our ticketing system where the agent could select that ticket option to record some activity they performed in under 60 seconds. This is especially effective when the name and specific situation of the support was not essential.

-- If this is a process issue: Ensuring that your process is aligned with ITIL and well documented is key to your effort(s) to make improvements.
-- If you find this is a process discipline issue: Ensure that your leads are reinforcing the need to follow the process. Each member of the Service Desk should be reminded of how important recording incidents and requests is, and I think it appropriate to let them know that it’s considered a performance issue when it is determined that the agent repeatedly fails to perform their duties, to include recording the client contact.

ITIL training and ITIL aligned processes are key.

Good luck.
Corde Wagner
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