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Wed May 04, 2022 11:02 am

Hello I am new to the forums, and an admitted novice on ITIL in general but I'm working towards it. I have a question that may need to be redirected towards a more appropriate path but I would like to ask it here as what I am thinking right now and then hopefully get directed in a more appropriate direction.

So our site has an ITIL based service desk solution that we moved to from our out ticket system but is still in the building phase to really setup the service catalog etc. so right now its still really just a glorified ticket system, its a work in progress.

As we are building things out I am trying to get what I think would be a service request template created for the purpose of tracking time spent for random requests that are not part of an incident or already created service request.

Such as if another tech stops in to talk about a random application and some planning, or if I'm researching some new application that we don't currently support etc. From my understanding this would be more of a service request than an Incident as there is not interruption in services. But is there a general best practice for what I'm thinking is a catch all service request, probably including some extra field for data to be logged by the creator of what its directly related to so we can audit these every so often and see if we need some other types of requests or categories etc. Looking for what others do in this scenario, or if there is a better method to tackle this.

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