Monthly Capacity Mgmt Reports - template/format sugestions??

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Mon Aug 26, 2013 11:53 am

Hello all,

I am a new Capacity and Performance Analyst for a top 3 credit union, and thankfully my department SMEs have every type of metric, data point, and utilization stat on earth. My first task is to take the data they have mined and present it in a monthly format to the various department heads to get a visual and snapshot of monthly capacity and performance.

Does anyone have or know of any suggested formats for mgmt reports that I can create using the data that would be approproriate for various technical and mgmt levels? I found nothing online and don't want to show too much or too little.

I will be reporting on Storage, Distributed (servers and core routers), Mainframe, Online Access stats, VRU and Infrastructure.

Thanks friends!

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