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Tue Nov 19, 2013 12:49 pm

Had a discussion at work today and became unsure:

REQUEST for information is SRQ (Service Request). That is a customer needs information about one of our services or what something, a project will cost them and so on.

But what about INFORMATION ONLY tickets coming to the same e-mail (Service Desk). Meaning information about 3rd party Service Windows, 3rd party Changes that will affect our services? Could also be that 3rd party or a customer is going through an advertisement campaign meaning network load will increase, calls will be increased....

My opinion "might" be that since we won’t do anything with these it should not be handled by SD and their normal queue but at the same time, indirect someone within "our" company will be informed about content from 3rd party. Does anyone know the correct way / ticket type for this kind of e-mail flow? Adding another ticket type is to easy and you should keep them to a minimum in my opinion.

Regards, Mem

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